What you got on under that outfit? 

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.  If you are over 35 (or maybe not) and a little heavier than you were in high school.  Chances are you need to think about SHAPEWEAR.  You can have on the baddest outfit in the room.  However, if it does not fit well… 😳, it is not a good look.  A simple back roll or belly button imprint can ruin your look.  These things are controllable!!!  They are you.  They are me.  While we are deciding to try the latest diet, go back to the gym, or take away our favorite foods it is imperative to have the right SHAPEWEAR.  Everyone has different needs when it comes to SHAPEWEAR. Tummy control, reduce back fat, smooth out thighs, etc.  So, this is our help until we lose the weight.  Many of us LOVE the Maxi dress with a nice fit to our curves.  Don’t wear it without the SHAPEWEAR.  Smooth out the look.  

Note:  A waist trainer is NOT SHAPEWEAR.  Please do not wear underneath your outfit.  It bulks up the look and is not discrete.  

Here are a few recommendations for SHAPEWEAR with purchase info and site.

Happy Shopping!!!


Friday Night Finds…Shopping on a Budget

I have been asked, if I only shop “high end” , custom , or only boutiques.  I am a NON Discrementory shopper!  I like, it fits, I BUY!  Once upon a time, I was a label shopper ONLY.  It had to be a …. or a ….. for me to wear it.  Now, if it looks good, I purchase it.  It does not have to be a label or designer. 

Today, I want to show a few looks that I would hands down buy from Target.  Yep.  Target.  Check out these great pieces!  Curvy ladies, all of these fits come in our size!  Check out the prices as well.  Winning!!!!  


Happy Shopping!  Hope you are inspired!!!  


All are from Target and plus size!  Also, each are TREND!!  No frump!!!  Some of the hottest and latest.  Ruffle and flutter sleeve dress, Bomber jacket with detail, and blouse with tie in the front.   ❤️❤️❤️❤️. 

Thursday Night Finds…..

Love this look!  Curvy ladies here is a veristile piece that you can dress up or down.  Comfortable material and hugs the curves (shape wear should still be worn).  Simple with endless possibilities.  How would you rock it?

Happy Shopping!  


Happy International Women’s Day!

Let’s celebrate women of all walks of life, all ages,and all ethnicities.  Being a woman, you wear many different hats.  We are nurturers by nature.  So today, we CELEBRATE!  Did you tell another woman today that she is AWESOME?  Did you compliment another woman?  You still have time!  Women empowering women!  What a concept?  

My prayer today is simply for us (women) to commit to supporting and encouraging each other.  Be in competition with helping other women to succeed.  Can you take a moment to imagine with me?  Imagine when a woman is embarking upon a new business venture, there are other women calling to support her with advice and offering to help.  Imagine two women having a disagreement, and one woman shutting down other women weighing in on the situation to prevent further hurt and damage.  Imagine a world with women encouraging and supporting!   It brings with YOU!  Try being supportive and encouraging versus speaking negatively about another women.  Start today.  Try it!!

Happy  International Women’s Day!


Plus Size Designer……

Here is one of my FAVORITE plus size designers.  Her clothing is an amazing fit for a curvy lady!!   It is CUSTOM made to fit by height as well as using fabrics that work for the curvy figure.   She is not new to curvy fashion with 10 plus years of establishing herself in the industry.  Here is one of my favorite pieces from her collection as well as “soon to be” added.  Check her out on http://www.qristalfrazierdesigns.com.

Happy Shopping!!


Coming to my closet soon…..

Full Figured Fierce

One vision and one purpose.  One woman sharing her dream and vision about plus size, thick chicks, curvy woman, etc. having their place in Fashion.  She did not wait on someone else to showcase the beauty that comes in all shapes and sizes.  SHE DID IT!!  What you have coming to Huntsville, Alabama on March 18, 2017 is the dream coming true.  Full Figured Fierce is presenting War Paint sponsored by Lane Bryant, UAH Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, Hollins Administration & Consulting.  This charity fashion show is donating all proceeds to Crisis Service of North Alabama.  What a way to celebrate 5 YEARS!!  

Salute to Dionne Reeves Grubbs, CEO of Full Figured Fierce!  Simply amazing!  You are walking in your purpose!  

Models of all walks of life will be ripping the runway with fashions from Lane Bryant, Twintastic, and  MVP Collections just to name a few of the boutiques and clothing lines.  This is going to be an amazing show that you do not want to miss!  Grab your girlfriends and enjoy a night of Fashion!!!  

Gadsden, Alabama will be representing with Model Chay Crews slaying down the runway and Jelandra Vaughn of Twintastic featuring some of their latest styles. Twintastic has tickets available. Join us!!! I will be part of the Rec Carpet Team and blogging on the latest happenings at the show. 

You can check out more on the event as well as purchase tickets at http://www.fullfiguredfierce.wixsite.com/warpaint. 

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Hey YOU…..Why Not YOU?

Today I am doing something just a little bit different with my blog post. Fashion is what got me started, but I am led to SHARE today.  

My “formal” career as a Human Resources Director for Distribution and Fullfilment keeps me quite busy.  I started blogging while my Dad was sick as a way to focus on something totally different and improve on a skill that I felt needed work (written communication).  This is an amazing road that I have started and totally have faith in where God is leading me.  See I am blogging and not selling ONE thing!!!  Nor have any aspirations to sell clothing, shoes, or jewelry.  I simply LOVE fashion and LOVE supporting others.  I absolutely love the idea of sharing clothing finds or trends that work for “curvy” woman. It is NOT easy to find fashionable clothing as a “curvy” woman!

So, when “folks” started talking about why I am doing what I am doing.  “Who is SHE to have a blog?”  “What makes her an expert?”  My response and current response is “Why NOT?”  Why NOT ME??  This blogging thing looked TOTALLY crazy to some and still does.  Lol.  However, it is the vision and purpose that GOD gave ME!!!  What started as a means to focus on something else has continued to grow with 5K plus views of my blog as well as connecting me with some AMAZING people!!  

It is simple.  Don’t question what God has placed in your heart to do.  It may look crazy to some.  Just FOLLOW God!  

Proverbs 3:5

A little motivation on this Tuesday for someone.  😘😘😘😘


Photo Credit:  All Roads Lead to Christ Media Group, LLC – Marcus Tharpe

Dress:  Roman Turner

Shoes:  #ShoeDazzle Girl

More Spring Finds….

Happy Monday!!!    The looks are starting to come together.  It is so exciting to see the New Spring items.  However, don’t forget about key pieces that are staples in your wardrobe arsenal.  Keep those in mind as you shop.   Here are a few of my Monday night finds.  

Happy Shopping!!!

Get ideas and be creative!


Top is from http://www.lanebryant.com.  The skirt options to pair with the top are from http://www.justntyme.com.  

Can you get an entire outfit at Amazon?

Okay.  So, I am supposed to be writing about 2017 Spring trends.  I will get back to that on tomorrow.  

I began to ponder a question today.  If I HAD to shop online for an entire  outfit and get it delivered in two days, could this be possible?  Of course, I had to try for myself.  The answer is YES!  The key is to know your measurements and look at the size guide for the clothing item.  Also, I would recommend knowing a few brands that fit nicely on you.  Kind of like”go to” for online shopping.  Don’t let the fear of not being able to touch it or try it on deter you from online shopping.  There are some really great deals  out there!!!   

Back to the question.  Yes.  You can find an outfit in Amazon.com and have it within two days.  Check out one of my outfit find.  Remember.  Everything pictured is from http://www.amazon.com.

Use this as a guide to create your own.


Is that for Spring…..

I absolutely love pieces that I can wear all year.  A piece that can be worn in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Now this beauty I would probably not wear in the heat of a Southern Summer.  It probably can be worn the other three seasons.  Totally YOUR call. You can make the rules.  

Curvy Tip:  To change the look into a more “spring” friendly piece.  Lighten up the jewelry with a pearl statement necklace and patterned pump or sandal.  Pop a colorful clutch.  Accessories can help make your outfit more season friendly.

Make accessories your BFF!!  They matter!

Happy Shopping!  My ideas are a guide to launch your creative side.  Have fun!


Just a few necklaces options to help change the season.  All from http://www.amazon.com.