Don’t Give Up on the Summer Clearance….

Man!  I do love Fall!  But, what about my summer pieces that I don’t want to give up?  Can I still wear them?  YOU BET!!!  Nothing like a denim jacket to pair with that “summery” skirt into Fall.   

For me, this is a look that put together last year.  But, I still rock it!!!   During this pandemic, I believe that a lot of us want to maximize our wardrobes and continue to add pieces (on a budget).  Don’t give up on the summer clearance racks.  There are some great transitional pieces that can be paired with jackets or kimonos (one of my favorite go to looks).   This is the PERFECT time to hit those boutiques and RACK UP!

Hollar at your girl!  Email me at for all your style questions.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Getting in Good Trouble

John Lewis has left a legacy and inspired many.  His work continues with each of us taking a stand to get into “good trouble”.   Many times, I find myself at work being the “lone” voice and having to make a decision to do what is right when it is not popular.  When I know, I have a difficult decision to make.  I always have on something that helps with a subtle reminder to give me that added confidence boost.  Tees are my favorite “go to”.  Layering with a jacket or cardigan pairs well with a tee shirt.  I have tees with inspirational faith quotes to being “unbothered”.  This simple little piece reinforces my mood or message.  Try it!   Dress it up or down.  Whatever you do…make it your own!   

Check out how I paired my “good trouble”.

Hat:  Michael L. Johnson, Jr. 

Tee:  Way of Life Clothing

Classic pieces from my closet:  white blazer 10 years old – NY&Co) and distressed black denim shorts by me.   A simple Chanel belt and Steve Madden heels (6 years old).  

She’s on the comeback…

I miss blogging!!! One of the hardest things to do is to juggle a blog with a full time job, parenting, marriage, or just plain ole life! There are many who do it well. I am not there YET. I have a passion for fashion. However, I have a passion for my job as well. Don’t be surprised, if the two COLLIDE on my blog! Hey. It is my blog, and I can do what I want to do. LOL

I am looking forward to sharing some neat folks with you soon. This will help me be consistent.

Join me as I get back to doing what I miss.

Curvy Boss Lady – BACK!

Dress: Jazz It Up Boutique


A Whole Decade! Just ME

Holy smokes!  A whole decade!  10 Years!!!  Wow!  So many changes.  So many lessons.  I can honestly say, I have experienced continuous growth over the past decade.   Learning from mistakes and reflecting on how to do things differently.   There are many things that have made me proud.  Also,  I have some things I would like to forget.  Each and every challenge and achievement comes with some wins or losses.  The key is RESILEENCY.  It is easy to give up and run from the problem.  But it solves nothing.   Growth is when you look in the mirror to adjust what YOU did or did not do.  Being brutally honest.  One of the hardest things to do.  But I DID IT!!   

These 10 Years have been really good to me.  So many lessons learned and shared.  The best over this decade has and continues to be my relationship with God.  The real MVP of the decade!  He has held me together when “people” have talked about me, lied on me, mistreated me, hard decisions at work, wanted to give it all up, grief stricken, hurt, discouraged,  and mocked.   In turn, he has carried me through home ownership, promotions, entrepreneurship, joy, good health, love, family, investments, and friendships.  

A few Curvy Boss Lady Tidbits:

Remember with each new level comes greater challenges and opportunities.  Your mindset has to change to handle the elevated problems.  You want more, but don’t want to adjust your thought process or work ethic.  Does not add up.  Faith without WORKS is dead.  Works.  You have to give HIM something to work with.  Tried and true.   

There will always be “Nay Sayers” and “Haters”.  People who do not want to see you succeed.  Do it ANYWAY!!!!   Stay focused and continue praying.

Everything does not require a response or a defense.  Let people say and think whatever.  Who really matters?  God.   Those who REALLY know you.  Know the truth.  Don’t get distracted with people.   It will cause you to miss what really matters.  

If your conversation is about others, negativity, or just plain gossip.  Change your conversation.  I was guilty.  Once I changed my conversation,  I began seeing so much in my life change.  Tried and true.

Happy New Year to each of you.   Remember, change is constant.  Embrace 2020 and make the most of it.  

Watch out for my weekly blog on 2020.  Curvy Boss Lady is BACK!!!   



Plan your evening wear…

Don’t you hate, when you are j cited to an event and have NOTHING to wear?  Especially, if it is formal.   PLAN ahead.  The holiday season is approaching.  Don’t wait to pick out your fit.  Have OPTIONS.  It does not mean break a bank.  Invest in some great staple pieces that can be versitle.  My first feature is this skirt!  Thank you, Roman Turner.  Simply paired with a white button down, Tracy Lynn necklace, Gucci shoes and clutch.  

Photo Credit:  Marcus Tharpe

Ready for Fall 2018

Oh how I am ready for Fall. It will be here sooner than a blink of an eye. One of the hottest trends for Fall is camouflage. I absolutely love this jacket! It is distressed in the back. Hence, it was not to terribly hot to wear. It is paired with a handkerchief, olive green skirt with zipper accents. A simple white tank and Gucci belt with bronze heels and you have a fit! Just like that!

Necklace is from Jireh’s Boutique located in Gadsden, Alabama.

Skirt and Jacket are from @the.boutique1.

Get ready for Fall!!

Do YOU!!! 

What to wear?  Not exactly an “after 5” event and definitely not a casual event.  How do select the perfect outfit?  DO YOU!   Sometimes you just have to take the work away and DO YOU!!  Wear what is comfortable and YOU.  Your confidence will outshine your outfit!  So….DO YOU and BE CONFIDENT!! 

The outfit that I selected to wear for a photography exhibit that was held from 6p-8p is another versitle piece. (Y’all know I love something that I can make into a whole entire different outfit).  Plus, I was supporting my husband as it was his night.  I kept it fun and different.  I wore a dress from one of my favorite boutiques, @theboutique.1 with a custom cuff.  The dress did not need a lot of accessories.

Note:  My friend Jermaine is stylish in his own right.  

Happy Shopping!

Be YOU!  Be Confident!  


Lovely Sunday Afternoon…..

The wide leg pant has made a comeback.  The pants are comfy and have the feel of wearing a skirt.  I chose to pair mine with a stripped bow blouse from Eloquii.  Use this outfit as a guide for a simple casual look.   These are pieces that I purchased earlier this year.  

Happy Shopping!!!!  

Pants:  @theboutique.1.     Blouse:

Photo Credit:  Marcus Tharpe – All Roads Lead to Christ Media Group, LLC

Custom Bag by 100jewelz

I absolutely LOVE supporting up and coming designers.  Matasha Heard is the TRUTH!!  My custom bag is EVERYTHING!  She is professional and a true gem.  Check out her Instagram page @100jewelz to see more of her amazing work.  

My bag was purchased from @the.boutique1. This bag was purchased last year.  It was the perfect choice for custom work. Of course, I had to rock it with my trash skirt, necklace, and wrist candy from @the.boutique1. 

My tee is from Faithful Chics Boutique –

Happy Shopping!! Support an up and coming business.

Photo Credit:  Marcus Tharpe of All Roads Lead to Christ Media Group

Happy Father’s Day!!!  

So today I was challenged with blogging about Men’s fashion.  No problem.   I LOVE MY well dressed man!!  One of the things that I learned how to do well was dress on a budget! We love purchasing items on sale and that can go from season to season.  Also, my husband is a photographer.  His wardrobe must be comfortable, stylish, and professional.  He LOVES hats, so we always have fun pairing those to be dressed up or down.  Bottom line, we can put together an outfit for less than the cost of a pair of Air Jordan’s.  

Have FUN!  Be creative!  Enjoy shopping!!

NOTE:  Marcus’s outfits are sale purchased items.  No links available.  Guess I will have to blog more frequently about Men’s fashion finds.

The featured outfit:  slacks and hat from Amazon, leather converse shoes from Shoe Dept., and shirt is from JosBanks (clearance).  

Just two great looks that are under $100 (not including shoes).