Don’t Give Up on the Summer Clearance….

Man!  I do love Fall!  But, what about my summer pieces that I don’t want to give up?  Can I still wear them?  YOU BET!!!  Nothing like a denim jacket to pair with that “summery” skirt into Fall.   

For me, this is a look that put together last year.  But, I still rock it!!!   During this pandemic, I believe that a lot of us want to maximize our wardrobes and continue to add pieces (on a budget).  Don’t give up on the summer clearance racks.  There are some great transitional pieces that can be paired with jackets or kimonos (one of my favorite go to looks).   This is the PERFECT time to hit those boutiques and RACK UP!

Hollar at your girl!  Email me at for all your style questions.

Happy Shopping!!!!

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