Getting in Good Trouble

John Lewis has left a legacy and inspired many.  His work continues with each of us taking a stand to get into “good trouble”.   Many times, I find myself at work being the “lone” voice and having to make a decision to do what is right when it is not popular.  When I know, I have a difficult decision to make.  I always have on something that helps with a subtle reminder to give me that added confidence boost.  Tees are my favorite “go to”.  Layering with a jacket or cardigan pairs well with a tee shirt.  I have tees with inspirational faith quotes to being “unbothered”.  This simple little piece reinforces my mood or message.  Try it!   Dress it up or down.  Whatever you do…make it your own!   

Check out how I paired my “good trouble”.

Hat:  Michael L. Johnson, Jr. 

Tee:  Way of Life Clothing

Classic pieces from my closet:  white blazer 10 years old – NY&Co) and distressed black denim shorts by me.   A simple Chanel belt and Steve Madden heels (6 years old).  

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