A Whole Decade! Just ME

Holy smokes!  A whole decade!  10 Years!!!  Wow!  So many changes.  So many lessons.  I can honestly say, I have experienced continuous growth over the past decade.   Learning from mistakes and reflecting on how to do things differently.   There are many things that have made me proud.  Also,  I have some things I would like to forget.  Each and every challenge and achievement comes with some wins or losses.  The key is RESILEENCY.  It is easy to give up and run from the problem.  But it solves nothing.   Growth is when you look in the mirror to adjust what YOU did or did not do.  Being brutally honest.  One of the hardest things to do.  But I DID IT!!   

These 10 Years have been really good to me.  So many lessons learned and shared.  The best over this decade has and continues to be my relationship with God.  The real MVP of the decade!  He has held me together when “people” have talked about me, lied on me, mistreated me, hard decisions at work, wanted to give it all up, grief stricken, hurt, discouraged,  and mocked.   In turn, he has carried me through home ownership, promotions, entrepreneurship, joy, good health, love, family, investments, and friendships.  

A few Curvy Boss Lady Tidbits:

Remember with each new level comes greater challenges and opportunities.  Your mindset has to change to handle the elevated problems.  You want more, but don’t want to adjust your thought process or work ethic.  Does not add up.  Faith without WORKS is dead.  Works.  You have to give HIM something to work with.  Tried and true.   

There will always be “Nay Sayers” and “Haters”.  People who do not want to see you succeed.  Do it ANYWAY!!!!   Stay focused and continue praying.

Everything does not require a response or a defense.  Let people say and think whatever.  Who really matters?  God.   Those who REALLY know you.  Know the truth.  Don’t get distracted with people.   It will cause you to miss what really matters.  

If your conversation is about others, negativity, or just plain gossip.  Change your conversation.  I was guilty.  Once I changed my conversation,  I began seeing so much in my life change.  Tried and true.

Happy New Year to each of you.   Remember, change is constant.  Embrace 2020 and make the most of it.  

Watch out for my weekly blog on 2020.  Curvy Boss Lady is BACK!!!   



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