Do YOU!!! 

What to wear?  Not exactly an “after 5” event and definitely not a casual event.  How do select the perfect outfit?  DO YOU!   Sometimes you just have to take the work away and DO YOU!!  Wear what is comfortable and YOU.  Your confidence will outshine your outfit!  So….DO YOU and BE CONFIDENT!! 

The outfit that I selected to wear for a photography exhibit that was held from 6p-8p is another versitle piece. (Y’all know I love something that I can make into a whole entire different outfit).  Plus, I was supporting my husband as it was his night.  I kept it fun and different.  I wore a dress from one of my favorite boutiques, @theboutique.1 with a custom cuff.  The dress did not need a lot of accessories.

Note:  My friend Jermaine is stylish in his own right.  

Happy Shopping!

Be YOU!  Be Confident!  


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