Happy Father’s Day!!!  

So today I was challenged with blogging about Men’s fashion.  No problem.   I LOVE MY well dressed man!!  One of the things that I learned how to do well was dress on a budget! We love purchasing items on sale and that can go from season to season.  Also, my husband is a photographer.  His wardrobe must be comfortable, stylish, and professional.  He LOVES hats, so we always have fun pairing those to be dressed up or down.  Bottom line, we can put together an outfit for less than the cost of a pair of Air Jordan’s.  

Have FUN!  Be creative!  Enjoy shopping!!

NOTE:  Marcus’s outfits are sale purchased items.  No links available.  Guess I will have to blog more frequently about Men’s fashion finds.

The featured outfit:  slacks and hat from Amazon, leather converse shoes from Shoe Dept., and shirt is from JosBanks (clearance).  

Just two great looks that are under $100 (not including shoes). 

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