Oh How I love a Maxi Skirt

Let’s face it.  There are days (if not all the time), you want to hide your middle section.  The maxi is PERFECT.  A maxi with a wide band provides a slimming illusion.  However, a maxi skirt that does not have the band can still provide ample coverage.  The flow and length make the skirt.  If the skirt has too much “bulk” or not enough “fullness”, it wil provide a dumpy look.  Be sure to fit the maxi to your body type this last key to completing a great look with a maxi skirt.

Here are a few of my faves.  Yes.  I wear each ALL year.  Setting my own seasonal rules unless it is 90 degrees and above, all rules are out the door.  I just want to be cool and comfortable in that heat.  Make no mistake, I will rock each one with a “wife beater” tank and an incredible neck piece.  

Happy Shopping!  Be inspired and do YOU!!


My looks are purchased from The Boutique located in Riverdale, GA.  

Instagram Name:  @theboutique.1

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