What you got on under that outfit? 

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.  If you are over 35 (or maybe not) and a little heavier than you were in high school.  Chances are you need to think about SHAPEWEAR.  You can have on the baddest outfit in the room.  However, if it does not fit well… 😳, it is not a good look.  A simple back roll or belly button imprint can ruin your look.  These things are controllable!!!  They are you.  They are me.  While we are deciding to try the latest diet, go back to the gym, or take away our favorite foods it is imperative to have the right SHAPEWEAR.  Everyone has different needs when it comes to SHAPEWEAR. Tummy control, reduce back fat, smooth out thighs, etc.  So, this is our help until we lose the weight.  Many of us LOVE the Maxi dress with a nice fit to our curves.  Don’t wear it without the SHAPEWEAR.  Smooth out the look.  

Note:  A waist trainer is NOT SHAPEWEAR.  Please do not wear underneath your outfit.  It bulks up the look and is not discrete.  

Here are a few recommendations for SHAPEWEAR with purchase info and site.

Happy Shopping!!!


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