Happy International Women’s Day!

Let’s celebrate women of all walks of life, all ages,and all ethnicities.  Being a woman, you wear many different hats.  We are nurturers by nature.  So today, we CELEBRATE!  Did you tell another woman today that she is AWESOME?  Did you compliment another woman?  You still have time!  Women empowering women!  What a concept?  

My prayer today is simply for us (women) to commit to supporting and encouraging each other.  Be in competition with helping other women to succeed.  Can you take a moment to imagine with me?  Imagine when a woman is embarking upon a new business venture, there are other women calling to support her with advice and offering to help.  Imagine two women having a disagreement, and one woman shutting down other women weighing in on the situation to prevent further hurt and damage.  Imagine a world with women encouraging and supporting!   It brings with YOU!  Try being supportive and encouraging versus speaking negatively about another women.  Start today.  Try it!!

Happy  International Women’s Day!


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