Can you get an entire outfit at Amazon?

Okay.  So, I am supposed to be writing about 2017 Spring trends.  I will get back to that on tomorrow.  

I began to ponder a question today.  If I HAD to shop online for an entire  outfit and get it delivered in two days, could this be possible?  Of course, I had to try for myself.  The answer is YES!  The key is to know your measurements and look at the size guide for the clothing item.  Also, I would recommend knowing a few brands that fit nicely on you.  Kind of like”go to” for online shopping.  Don’t let the fear of not being able to touch it or try it on deter you from online shopping.  There are some really great deals  out there!!!   

Back to the question.  Yes.  You can find an outfit in and have it within two days.  Check out one of my outfit find.  Remember.  Everything pictured is from

Use this as a guide to create your own.


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