I am Ready for Spring….

Yes.  I know that I am 29 days early (first day of Spring is March 20, 2017).  However, I am ready for the spring time weather.  However, I am sooooo not prepared on the clothing side.  What is supposed to be HAUTE for Spring 2017?  I am behind the eight ball.  I typically have an idea of my spring purchases in mid January.  I know.  A bit much.  Oh well!  Lol

So for the rest of the week.  I am going to be blogging about Spring 2017 fashion finds.  Curvy ladies, we have to have a plan or we will get left.  Our size will be GONE!!!  Hence, I  am hopefully that we all can capitalize on pre-planning and look fabulous!!   

Yep.  This is plus size!!!  Color is everything.  Glad to see the fitted dress is still in with the car wash detail for the bottom of the dress.  Check out the bow detail on the shoes!!  Still Hot!!!  

Where can I purchase? 

Christian Sirano is a designer for Plus Size ladies.  He is the season 4 winner of Project Runway.  This is plus size couture.  I am on the hunt for the replica. Lol.  

She killed it!


This is a guide.  Now watch mind something similar.  😘

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