In honor of black history month, I wanted to feature a few looks.  One of the hottest trends is the African print with the skirt being the hottest item.  There are a lot of patterns, colors and styles to to choose from in skirts, shirts, vests, etc. 

Curvy ladies!  No fear!  This is a look you can comp!  Here are a few ideas.  Have fun pairing your skirt with some different top options.  

Get inspired!   #blackgirlmagic

Happy Shopping!!


Pic on left:  The owner of Pretty Plus (www.prettyplusclothung.org)  is glowing in this amazing, African skirt paired with a tee that has a denim flower burst.  

Pic on the right:  Shop the look from @imonj10

Top right:  Skirt from Jireh’s Boutique (Instagram: @jirehs_boutique)

Right:  Skirt and vest on bottom left are from Vivian Favor ( Facebook: Vivian Favor) 

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