When you have obstacles…..

Happy Friday!!  I will get better in 2017 with consistent blogging. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜”โ˜บ๏ธ

My husband and I were set and ready for our Anniversary photo shoot.  So we thought.  I had a wardrobe opportunity.   I could not wear my fit that I put together to match his fresh!!  Ughhhh!!!  What to do?  Oh!  I have a back up fit.  I left it at home the chair.  My husband is about to cancel and pay the photographer for his time.  Wait!  Let’s do the unthinkable.  Let’s do a casual photo shoot.  My husband especially loves to wear slacks, shirt, and tie.  I love fashion!  So, I love dressy casual.  However, all I had in my travel wardrobe…jeans, leggings, Tshirt, sweater tunic, vest, and boots.  No statement necklace. No back up to the back up.  I worked it out!  We were taking pics!!!  Hair done (Tamika Washington of Annointed Hands) and make-up by Kamyla McGruder (KJaydes).  Not about to waste it!!! Lol.  

Moral of the story….always have a back up to the back up to include shoes and accessories.  

Our casual pics turned out great!  Huge shout out to Kerry Varner of Next Level Photography located in Montgomery, Alabama.   

I am wearing:  Boots (www.shoedazzl.com) from ShoeDazzle, Suede leggings from ShoeDazzle (www.shoedazzl.com), Sweater Tunic from Jireh’s Boutique located I. Gadsden, Alabama, and Vest from Old Navy (purchased online -www.oldnavy.com). 

Happy Shopping!  #curvybosslady

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