Dress Like You Want It!

“Dress for the position that YOU WANT.”  I always heard that early on in my career.  Grant it…in my “Red and Khaki” days, I could not dress like a Director or  Senior Leader.  However, I could ALWAYS keep my hair conservative, clothes neat and ironed, and “look” like a Leader.  What does a Leader look like?  Is it all about the clothes?  Or is it a balance of confidence and dress?  I honestly think it is a balance of both.  It is not cocky.  It is CONFIDENCE.  When you walk in a room and can be identified as a Leader because of not only your clothing but how you carry yourself. Or you can be in a crowd and identified as the leader.  The CLOTHES MATTER!!!  

There are times it is appropriate for me to wear jeans and my favorite sneakers to work. However, I have started choosing to look differently.  My role is changing and evolving. My look has to evolve as well.  

Here are a couple of my looks from a recent business trip.  Straight corporate environment to include being on the executive floor (CEO, CFO, Senior Vice Presidents, etc.).  Dress for success.  Look the part and BE the part!


Look on the left:  Top and necklace (Jireh’s Boutique – Gadsden, Alabama), culottes (www.eloquii.com), and sandals to walk to the office (Steve Madden).  My leather tote is from http://www.amazon.com.  *heels were put on the elevator😊

Look on the right:  Bella Pants and Blouse are custom pieces from The Boutique in Riverdale, GA.  I “popped” the look with a paisley punk sling back from http://www.shoedazzlecom.

Happy Shopping!  Be a BOSS!

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