As a “Curvy Chic”, I have learned how to be comfortable in my own skin.  God created each and every one of us as beautiful creations!  Bask in it!!!!  I made a commitment to myself in October 2015 that I would enjoy life and forget about what others say or think of me.  I have always struggled in social circles.  Because I have a very strong belief that you should be able to be you and relax around your true friends.  My realization is that not everyone can handle unfiltered and raw.  It fit into what I thought that “I” should dress like.  Basically, I was “dummying down”.   Now… I have fun and wear what I like. What feels good and looks good!!  I dress for ME!  

I want to encourage someone today.  DON’T!!!!!    Be who God made YOU to be!  You may feel like you have no friends or you are an outsider.  It is OKAY!!  God takes care of HIS OWN!  Trust HIM!!!  My love for God, Family, and Fashion are ALIGNED.  I walk with a BOLD confidence that only God provides.  Chic take the time to do YOU!!  YOU are Fabulous!!!  

No COPYCAT here!!!  I am ME!


Today’s Fit:   Custom Skirt from The Boutique, Tshirt is a gift from an Awesome Woman of God, necklace and bracket from The Boutique, Shoes from Amazon (last year).  CONFIDENCE!!!   Curvy does not equal frumpy!  

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