Get the most out of your investment pieces!

I am a non-discriminatory shopper!  I shop all price points.  I shop anywhere from Target to Saks 5th Avenue.  If it fits well, you can wear all seasons, and dress it up or down…it is a BUY!!  Here is one of my favorite pieces that I got from The Boutique last winter.  I LOVE shopping at boutiques. ( a few more of my favs will be featured this week)

Yellow skirt from The Boutique shown in both pics.

Tshirt from Faithful Chicks Boutique and black cardigan is from White House Black Market. Necklace from The Boutique.

On right:  White Jacket from NYandCompany, wife beater from Walmart, and necklace from Amazon.

Same skirt.  Two different looks.  Belted on left with black leather belt from Eloquii.  On right is the actual band on the skirt.

#curvybosslady #curvychick

Get the most out of your clothes!!  Veristile!!

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